In the Royal Arch, the plate of gold is displayed on a 'block of white marble' but why is the VSL open on the floor?

SPGC on Friday, September 07 2012, 12:13 PM
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    Replied by SPGC on Friday, September 07 2012, 01:44 PM · Hide · #1
    It is possible that the position of the VSL is a reference to the Irish ritual –

    “The people having been called to the Temple, the King read to them the Book of the Covenant that had been found during the repairing of the Temple … …”

    It is also important to note in the RA that the VSL, whether open or closed, does not have the square and compasses placed upon it. This is in allusion to the time when the Temple was built, the stones having been prepared in the quarries, when they were brought to the Temple site, they fitted together perfectly without the requirement for metal tools to assist in their construction. This was because all metal, except pure gold, was deemed unclean and could not be used on the Temple site.
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