What is the procedure excluding a companion from the Chapter?

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    Replied by SPGC on Tuesday, September 11 2012, 03:15 PM · Hide · #1
    Any chapter may, by resolution, exclude any member for sufficient cause. Chapters are expected to follow Rule 181 in the Book of Constitutions. This gives details of the process that should be explicitly followed. The requirements include giving notice in writing to the Brother being excluded and the other Members of the Chapter, how these notices should be served, the information to be provided to Members, how the voting should be conducted, the required majority, the effective date of exclusion, who should be informed and subsequent reporting requirements. It should also be noted that Regulation 71 says – If the subscription of a member to his Chapter remains unpaid for two full years, at the expiration of that period he shall cease to be a member of the Chapter and the fact shall be reported to the Chapter at its next regular convocation and recorded in the minutes. He can become a member again only by payment of the arrears followed by regular proposition and ballot according to Regulation 66. This Regulation shall not prevent any Chapter proceeding against any of its members in accordance with Rule 181, Book of Constitutions, in respect of sums due for a shorter period than two years, if so provided in its By-Laws.
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