Why take 7 steps?

SPGC on Friday, September 07 2012, 12:17 PM
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    To quote from Rev Neville Barker Cryer in "What Do You Know About Ritual":

    "The immediate answer is because these are the steps once taken in the Excellent/Super Excellent or Veils degree that often preceded the Exaltation, as it still does in Bristol. That ceremony has three steps to the Blue Veil, two steps to the Purple Veil, and two more to the Crimson Veil. These colours, of course, were those of the curtain covering the arched entrance to the Holy of Holies wherein the whole presence and nature of God was to be discovered. For candidates to take seven steps to the area of the pedestal is therefore very proper."

    This then begs the question: why did they take these steps in the Veils ceremony?

    One explanation may be that if the steps are taken in a cumulative sequence the result is:

    First sequence 3 steps
    Second sequence 3 + 2 steps
    Third sequence 3 + 2 + 2 steps

    It can be seen that these would then represent the steps taken by a candidate in each craft degree when they are instructed to advance to the pedestal.
    This step sequence was most probably abbreviated as the room where the ceremony was taking place may not have easily accommodated a total of 15 steps.
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