News announcement for the Enduring Gift Aid Scheme

gift aid logoFollowing the meeting of the Suffolk Provincial Grand Chapter Charity Management Committee in March of this year, it was decided to promote an Enduring Gift Aid Scheme. This was in response to concerns that the old envelope system was slightly antiquated, time consuming and could lead to disclosure of the amount of money an individual had donated, and even though these concerns were mostly anecdotal they had become a barrier to some for using the current envelopes.

The Enduring Gift Aid Scheme is thought to be a practical, simpler and essentially a workable replacement

To use the scheme, each Companion completes an Enduring Gift Aid Declaration Form. That form is only applicable to the Suffolk Provincial Grand Chapter Charity. However, it does cover all past, present and future donations that an individual may care to make to the Charity from any Chapter or other order using the Suffolk Provincial Grand Chapter Charities Holding Accounts.

Once completed, the form must be forwarded to the Provincial Grand Chapter Charity Steward or the Honorary Treasurer. The current incumbents are Ex. Companion Ralph Robertson & Ex. Companion John Laverock (the Administrators).

The form provides a space for the applicant’s personal or preferred email address which will be used by the Administrators to send a unique reference number (URN) to the individual named on the form, and to that PERSON ALONE. This ensures that no one other than the applicant or the administrators ever know that person’s URN.

In future a signed up Companion need only write his URN, donation amount and date onto a slip and place it in an envelope together with his donation. This will ensure privacy & anonymity to the individual within his Chapter or any other Order that maintains a holding account with the Suffolk Provincial Grand Chapter Charity.

The Guidance Document, Enduring Gift Aid Declaration Form and example of the slip to be used when making donations, are all available for download below:

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