Appointments 2018 - 2019

Provincial Grand Chapter of Suffolk


OFFICERS FOR 2018-2019
Scribe Ezra* Nicholas Brian Le-Grys C9215
Scribe Nehemiah Trevor John White C959
Treasurer* Roger Maurice Young C1663
Registrar John Arthur Norris C1823
DC* John William Tubbs C81
Sword Bearer Peter John Gosling C1008
Deputy DC* David Martin Long C1631
Deputy DC Kazimerz Wladyslaw Kossowski C1663
Almoner* Raymond Keith Pascoe C936
Charity Steward* Kelvin John Larcombe C376
Principal Sojourner Richard Mark Catton C305
1st Assistant Sojourner David Dumbrell C4618
2nd Assistant Sojourner Roger Edwards C4618
Assistant Scribe Ezra* Richard Vickerstaff C376
Standard Bearer Nigel Patrick Gibson C9333
Standard Bearer Terence Colin Nash C555
Standard Bearer James Burkett Wood C1631
Organist* Graham John Colthorpe C3833
Assistant DC Richard Scott Styles C1663
Assistant DC Graham John Keeble C81
Steward Christopher Edward Catton C8656
Steward Charles Frederick Neale C305
Steward Stephen Henry Newman C6637
Steward Robert Edward Spring C1823
Steward Deepak Natwarial Suchak C1224
Steward Ronald Dudley Walters C1663
Janitor Gordon Carless C959
    *denotes Re-Appointment


Scribe N John Anderson Horton C114
Scribe N John Scott Laverock C114
Scribe N Malcolm Douglas Speake C114
Scribe N Michael Ernest Staff C225
Scribe N James Stanley Wallace C1224
Scribe N Edward George Harrison Maynard C1663
Scribe N John Patrick Newland C3833
Scribe N Kenneth Richard Kingston C4618
Scribe N Terence Clive Lewis C6292
Grand Registrar James Edward Allen Miles C305
Grand Registrar James Edward Harry Took C305
Grand Registrar Clifford Trevor Arndt-SnellingC555
Grand Registrar John Duff Frew C959
Grand Registrar David Frank Hicks C4618
Sword Bearer Robert Whisson C516
Sword Bearer Barry Keith Williams C1823
Deputy DC David Royston Card C516
Deputy DC Allen Charles Snow C2371
Deputy DC Trevor Keith Greenow C3833
Deputy DC Martin Nicholas Bates C9333
Principal Sojourner Charles John Smith C81
Principal Sojourner Robert William Shilson C959
Principal Sojourner Steven George Pell C6637
Std Bearer Robert Julien Charnaux Grange C114
Std Bearer Maurice James Collinson C225


Standard Bearer Paul Anthony Smith C114
Standard Bearer Richard Thomas Page C516
Assistant DC John Michael Studd C2438
Assistant DC Alexander Thomas Murray C8017
Janitor Paul Durrant C1452
Janitor Gordon Henry Wicks C1631


Jack Earwaker C225
Carlos Alberto Lopes C376
Eric Gregory Burman C555


Alastair Rankin Anderson C81
David Rodney Reeves C114
Alan Frederick Lovell C305
Maurice William Jeckells C1983
Brian Colin Bowen C2371


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